Mechanical Engineering Services

Neon Infotech is a leading organisation that offers a CAD based service which includes the designing and understanding along with a suportive consultancy. Our team of expert professionals are potential enough who can come up with every solution even though if the project is complex one. Our team of Engineers is well-aware about the know-how of trending and potentially workable softwares in which the major one is CAD that look after our every A-Z methodology of Engineering and Construction process. Our services are reaching up to local circles at the International stage.

The following Mechanical Engineering Services are provided:

  1. Preparation of Equipment Datasheets.
  2. Preparation of vessel design calculations.
  3. Stress Analysis, Thermal Analysis.
  4. Preparation of Technical Bid for the Projects.
  5. Development of Fabrication Drawings & Nozzle Orientation Drawings.
  6. Review and incorporation of vendor data into the design.
  7. Preparation of Engineering Drawings.
  • Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchanges (S/T, Air Cooled, PCHE etc), Distillation Columns.
  • Pumps (Centrifugal, Reciprocating, Diaphragm, Metering etc), Compressors (Centrifugal, Reciprocating, Screw etc.)
  • Chemical Injection Packages.
  • Water Filtration packages, De-aeration Packages, Skid mounted equipment.
  • Material Handling Equipment (Cranes, Monorails etc.)

Past Projects

Mechanical Design Of Static Equipment (Tower) – For One Of The Top Fabrication Companies

Name of facility: Mechanical Design of Static Equipment (Tower)
Location: Sharjah-UAE.

Started with an extensive analysis of the equipment by using leading equipment analysis software. After equipment analysis completion, preparation of the General Arrangement drawings (GA’s), Fabrication drawings of all equipment’s. Neon Infotech has helped the customer save on the material used for their equipment manufacturing which ultimately saved them money.

Fatigue Analysis Of Tanks For Nuclear Power Plant

Location: INDIA

Fatigue Analysis of Tanks for Nuclear Power plant. Preparation of 3D model. Elastic and transient thermal analysis of TANKS.

The fatigue analysis results help in reducing yield strength, increasing shell thickness and elastic reduction, and increasing the effective maximum alternating stress amplitude which ultimately increases the life of tanks.