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What is Enterprise Project Performance Software? 

  • General purpose structural analysis and design tool.
  • Beam elements
  • Plate elements
  • Solid elements (bricks)
  • A combination of elements
  • Used for design and analysis for steel and concrete structures. Any material & section can be created. 
  • Supports Linear and Non-Linear Analysis
  • Supports International Codes like:
  • Indian
  • Canadian
  • EC
  • Nuclear Codes

Only software used in many companies to do advanced dynamic  analysis and design of structures in the Nuclear Industry.

GT STRUDL - Interoperability​

Interoperable with Hexagon modelling tools:

  • Smart 3D
  • CADWorx 
  • BricsCAD
  • Frameworks Plus

Interoperable with 3rd party modelling tools:

  • Tekla
  • SDS/2
  • Any modeler that writes to STRUDL or CIS/2

Interoperable with other engineering tools:​

  • MAT 3D
  • STAAD/Etabs (STRUDL based)

GT STRUDL Quality Assurance​

Our quality assurance program  conforms to the ASME & NRC  Quality Regulations since 1983.

CAESAR II & GT STRUDL Integration​

Analysis and Design Integration for a LEAN Workflow​

I was a user of your competitor’s software since 1999 and I easily converted to GT STRUDL. ​ My only issue with GT STRUDL is that the engineers in our other office also like GT STRUDL so we have to fight over our GT STRUDL licenses.​ ​ ​
Peter Pagter, PE, SE​
Sr. Project Engineer​