Neon Infotech South East Asia Co. Ltd., was established in July 2000 and we are Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) promoted company as Technology solution provider.


+ Years

Neon's RADICAL 7-Step Process

1. Research

Our team of analysts researches upcoming projects within our trusted network of clients to discover upcoming industry needs. We use this information to establish our first contact with any customer.

2. Analyse

Before and during the first discussions, our topmost priority is to understand our customer’s situation. We ask in-depth questions regarding the process workflow and try to discover the most prominent pain points faced by our customers.

3. Discover

Our sales and technical team will engage with our customers on multiple occasions, as many times as required, to gather all technical requirements and complete our understanding of the high priority challenges that our customers are trying to resolve.

4. Improvise

We take these requirements back to our technical team to customize and improvise an end-to-end solution within the allocated budget. We focus on creating a future road-map for the customer that would yield the best business outcomes.

5. Clarity

We present our solution design to the customer to receive final feedback that allows us to adjust the solution exactly to their requirements. This part of the process ensures that every customer receives an accurate and complete solution that adequately addresses their needs.

6. Apply

We implement the solution/services within an agreed timeline that suits our customer. During this time, we ensure that all stakeholders are adequately trained to maximize the benefits from our solution.

7. Loyalty

We consistently check-in with our customers after implementation to ensure that our solution is delivering the expected payoff. This is the reason why Neon Infotech has been a trusted and loyal industry solutions provider in South East Asia for over 20 years.

Neon Infotech Provides Skill And Expertise In The Following Services:

Mechanical Engineering

  • Design of Complete range of Process Equipment (Tank, Vessel, Reactor).
  • Preparation of Specification and equipment Datasheets.
  • Mechanical Design & Detailed Engineering using the International Codes.
  • Thermal Design and Stress Analysis and FEA analysis.
  • Procurement Services (RFQ, Technical Clarifications, Technical Bid Analysis, Vendor Document Review).
  • Development of Fabrication Drawings & Nozzle Orientation Drawings.
  • Equiment BOQ for fabrication.
  • Equipment thickness calculation.

Process Engineering

  • Preparation of P & IDs, Equipment Process Datasheet by using Intelligent P & ID software (Smart Plant P & ID).
  • Design of Plant Hydraulics & Pumping System.
  • Process Design of Columns, Exchanger, Separators, KO Drums etc.
  • Design of Fired Heaters & Waste Heat Boilers.
  • Safety Valve & Flare Network Studies.
  • HAZOP & Safety Studies, Commissioning & Plant Troubleshooting.
  • Utility System Packages
  • Surge analysis
  • Designing fire water system
  • Process simulation + feasibilitty study
  • As-Build PID preparation in SPPID/AutoCAD/BrisCAD with site survey
  • Development & Preparation of PFD’s (AutoCAD,ASPEN/HYSIS/Aveva PID, SPPID)
  • Design of Flare system

Piping Engineering

  • Plot plan Development & Conceptual Pipe Routing.
  • Piping Material Specification and Datasheets of Valves, SP Items.
  • Piping Static & Dynamic Stress Analysis.
  • Designing Support specifications & Drawing.
  • Plant 3-D Modeling using Cadworx, PDS, Smart 3D, E3D,Plant 3D and PDMS, and clash detection-Deliverables such Isometrics, Piping GA Drawings-Spool Fabrication drawings, Piping Support Drawings -Material Take off(MTO/BOM) and Pipe Support MTO
  • Procurement Services (RFQ, Technical Clarifications, Technical Bid Analysis, Vendor Document Review)
  • Conversion of PDS or PDMS model to Smart 3D model
  • As built  3-D Modeling using laser scanning
  • Preparation of Fire Hydrant system
  • Preparation of Equipment Layout (Process & Utility)
  • Preparation of Piperack layout
  • Preparation of Tankfarm layout
  • As-Build Piping Isometric Drawings  preparation in /AutoCAD/BrisCAD with site survey


  • Zoning Layout
  • Duct analysis
  • Generation of duct Isometric & MTO
  • Air Conditioning mechanical Ventilation system (ACMV)

Instrumentation And Telecom Engineering

  • Preparation of specifications and data sheets for Instrument and Telecom Equipment
  • Preparation of Control Philosophy and Cause and Effect Diagrams
  • Preparation of Interlock Logic Diagrams, Instrument Index by using Smart Plant Instrumentation (INtools) software
  • Preparation of Junction Box Termination Drawings, Instrument Hook up Drawing, Wiring Diagrams Cable Schedule, Fire and Gas Drawings by using SPI (Intools)
  • 3D Modeling of Cable Tray and Preparation of Cable Tray / Cable Trench Layout Design of Plant.
  • Material Take Off
  • Upgradation of SPI Plants
  • Preparation of Instrument loop drawings
  • Preparation of I/O list
  • Creation of Electical Engg Data & deliverables using SPEL/Aveva Electrical
  • All Power system related services by using ETAP/PSSE/PSCAD/EMTP/CDEGS
  • Cathodic Protection & corrosion Analysis study
  • Electrical Design & simulation by by using  Ele Om  software
  • Electrical Design, automation and mechatronic by using  EPLAN software
  • Solar Design and Analysis by using PVSYST/ Homer/ Helioscope 
  • Overhead Transmission  lines installation works
  • Substation Erection works
  • Substation & power Plants Design & Installations works
  • Control Panel Design & Installation works

Electrical Engineering

  • Preparation of specifications and data sheets
  • Preparation of Electrical Engineering deliverables using Intools and Smart Plant Electrical
  • Typical Deliverables include but not limited to:-Single Line Diagrams, Cable Schedules-Load Lists, Earthling Layouts,Earth Grid analysis-Load Flow Analysis, System Stability Studies, Short Circuit Study,Transient stability studies,unit size optimization , Cable sizing, Motor acceleration study,Insulation coordination studies-Lightning-Lighting Study
  • 3D Modeling of Cable Tray, electrical equipment and Preparation of Cable Tray / Cable Trench Layout Design of Plant.
  • Design of Specifications of Power Generation System (Engine or Turbine Based), Switchgears, Transformers, Motor Control Centers, Distribution Boards, Plant Lighting
  • Procurement Services (RFQ, Technical Clarifications, Technical Bid Analysis, Vendor Document Review)
  • Protection(rollingsphere and meshtype) system study design and analysis
  • EMI & EMC analysis in traction and industries
  • Energy Efficiency Audits for industries
  • Lightning Protection(rollingsphere and meshtype) system study design and analysis
  • Earthing Adequacy Audits
  • Preparation of Schematic Drawings

Civil And Structural Engineering

  • Preparation of Structural Design Spec, analysis and Calculations
  • Preparation of detailed structural Drawings, fabrication drawings and BOM.
  • FEA Analysis, offshore structural capabilities.
  • Engineering of Skids and Modular Structures & MTO Extraction.
  • Typical deliverables include but not limited to:-Foundation Design-Structural Finite Element  Analysis-Preparation of Foundation Drawing-Preparation of Structural Drawings
  • Structural analysis using Stadd-Pro/GTStrudl
  • Structural designing & modeling using TEKLA & generation of fabrication & erection drawings

Safety Engineering

  • Conduct HAZID, HAZOP Workshops 
  • Conduct SIL Allocation and Verification studies
  • Performs FERA (Fire, Explosion Risk Analysis)
  • EERA (Escape, Evacuation Risk Analysis)
  • QRA (Quantitative Risk Analysis)
  • CFD Analysis for Blast Overpressure Determination
  • ALARP Studies
  • Bow-Tie Analysis
  • ESSA (Essential System Survivability Studies)
  • Establish Safety Performance Standards
  • Safety Case Preparation
  • Arc flash analysis
  • Fire safety services

Building Construction

  • Design & analysis of Lightning Protection System
  • Design of Lighting system
  • Design of Power backup system
  • Design of HVAC system