6 Reasons Why We Are Better

Skills and Experienced Professionals

Our Neon Infotech team has access to a high degree of technical expertise. We have highly skilled and trained teams of architects and engineers who are not only experienced but are also aware of industry best practices. You can rest assured that our engineering team can successfully handle complex engineering projects.

Experienced in serving different sectors

Our premium engineering services, ability to understand operational challenges, and apply the right engineering services and solutions from a range of technical disciplines set us apart from our competition. We identify all possible engineering solutions and work with you to move forward implementing the right one for your business.

Reliable and flexible

Neon Infotech’s mission is to partner with its clients to satisfy their engineering design and innovation needs through reliable, high-quality, and flexible service models. 

We have a strong team of engineers and designers located worldwide. The broad-based expertise and flexibility of the resources allow Neon Infotech to offer multi-disciplinary engineering services in a variety of business lines – Engineering, Consulting, Innovation, Resources, and Management.

Value for cost and time

Value engineering refers to the systematic method of improving the value of a product that a project produces. We have a team to analyze a service, system, or product to determine the best way to manage the important functions while reducing the cost. Our engineers encourage using alternative methods and materials that are less expensive and do not lower the functionality of the system, service, or product. Our team approaches the most valuable engineering project options, where subject matter and our experts work together to execute the value methodology.

Ensure client satisfaction

The Neon Infotech team Provides our Customers with final approval reviews before we are able to close any project. Clients should be given access to their project information at any time and providing them with this can naturally work wonders for your client satisfaction. We provide clear access to clients related to their project information like prices, brand, products, and more. These must be clearly stated, so customers can compare products and make informed decisions.

State of the art technology

Automate Engineering Workflows In today’s Systems Engineering world, the product release cycles are becoming shorter, be it the development of control strategies or physical models or validation of both. Our knowledge of Systems Engineering allows us to seamlessly understand the requirements from a system engineer’s perspective.

Our efficient team of engineers with rich experience in tool development and automation will follow established processes, latest tools, and technologies to automate engineering workflows in a shorter time span.

Our Core Values​

No Blind Spots.

  • Neon Infotech is committed to the needs of its customers and their projects. Our focus is on delivering value in a timely and cost-effective manner, ensuring that deliverables align with our customer’s expectations.
  • The close relationships and commitment we have built with our clients over 20 years of history have allowed Neon Infotech to develop a high level of customer loyalty. For us, the needs of our clients are linked with our own interests, so we offer a fully personalized service that allows them to carry out their activities in a fully satisfactory manner.

Our Commitment To You.

  • Start seeing value immediately with a CRM platform that works right out of the box, with integrations to the tools you have.
  • Increase user adoption by letting users work in the environment they’re used to working in.
  • Remove friction from your business by working with an award-winning vendor known for flexibility, transparency, and keeping promises.

Dynamic Company Process.

  • Neon Infotech has been providing high-value Project management and engineering services for all project phases for 20+ Years. Our focus is on creating value-added, quality solutions for our clients, helping them meet both their current and long-term business objectives. Our diverse industry experience allows us to provide a wide range of complementary services to our clients. As a company, we pride ourselves on our dynamic company process.

Neon Group Family

How our end to end solutions tie together

Neon Infotech is a smart innovative engineering company that has helped numerous product startups, system integration projects, experiences, and solutions with end-to-end engineering services. 

We don’t believe in a one size fits all solution. We focus our Engineering process on innovating, designing, developing, testing, and management of engineering products. We offer end-to-end engineering services that help our customers to constantly innovate, gain a competitive edge over new world-class technology teams, project management consulting & engineering solutions, and agile process establishment. We are here to help you.

Our Company Process


Our team of analysts researches upcoming projects within our trusted network of clients to discover upcoming industry needs. We use this information to establish our first contact with any customer.






Before and during the first discussions, our topmost priority is to understand our customer’s situation. We ask in-depth questions regarding the process workflow and try to discover the most prominent pain points faced by our customers.


Our sales and technical team will engage with our customers on multiple occasions, as many times as required, to gather all technical requirements and complete our understanding of the high priority challenges that our customers are trying to resolve.






We take these requirements back to our technical team to customize an end-to-end solution within the allocated budget. We focus on creating a future roadmap for the customer that would yield the best business outcomes.


We present the our design to the customer to receive final feedback that allows us to adjust the solution exactly to their requirements. This part of the process ensures that every customer receives a complete solution that adequately addresses their needs.






We deliver (install and configure) the system within an agreed timeline that suits our customer. During this time, we ensure that all stakeholders are adequately trained to maximize the benefits from our solution.


We consistently check-in with our customers after implementation to ensure that our solution is delivering the expected payoff. This is the reason why Neon Infotech has been a trusted industry solutions provider in Thailand for over 20 years.