AFT Dynamic Solutions For A Fluid World

Whether you’re modeling gas or liquid piping systems, perfecting your pipe system design, studying your system’s transient behavior or need fluid property data, AFT has the engineering software tools for you.

Our industry-leading fluid dynamic simulation software is used by a variety of industries around the world to develop design solutions and troubleshoot existing systems. As a result, significantly improves the quality of pipe systems engineering you can achieve, leading to less costly, more efficient and more reliable piping systems.

Engineers use AFT for several reasons. The best reason is that AFT is a highly accurate calculation software that saves engineers from using extensive hand calculations or spreadsheets. What used to take days or weeks is ableb be accomplished with AFT’s pipe flow software in a short amount of time. The man-hours companies save by using AFT modeling and simulation software pays for software several times over.
We might be biased, but when engineers tell us AFT is the best fluid flow software on the market… we can’t argue. Our staff of engineers has worked for years to ensure it is a tool which delivers solid modeling calculations, incorporates robust features, and give users an intuitive interface.

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AFT Fathom

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AFT Fathom is used to calculate pressure drop and pipe flow distribution in liquid and low-velocity gas piping and ducting systems. This incompressible flow simulation tool includes heat transfer, time simulation, automatic goal seeking, cost calculations and built-in tools for modeling piping system components.

AFT Arrow is used to calculate pressure drop and flow distribution in gas piping and ducting systems. This compressible flow simulation tool Include adiabatic, isothermal, heat transfer, sonic choking, automatic goal seeking, cost calculations and built-in tools for modeling piping system components.

AFT Arrow

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AFT Impulse

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Analysis software used to calculate pressure surge transients in liquid piping systems caused by waterhammer. Models and simulates your pipe system to help avoid the potentially catastrophic effects of waterhammer and undesirable system transients. This powerful dynamic simulation will help you to understand the transient response of your system, knowing how valves, pumps and other components will dynamically interact with each other and validate the design of safety features to produce safer, more economical pipe systems.

AFT xStream is a powerful fluid dynamic simulation tool for high-speed, acoustic transients that occur in steam and gas piping systems including choked flow conditions. Uncertainty in design and operations costs money and time. Now you can accurately simulate how your steam and gas systems will respond to potentially harmful transient events.

AFT Xstream