If You Know AutoCAD® You Know BricsCAD®

  • Highly Compatible with AutoCAD®​
  • Command compatible​
  • Menu compatible​
  • Macro compatible​
  • Full Visual LISP API in all Editions​
  • API compatible​
  • 2018 .dwg compatible

Innovative CAD​

  • BricsCAD® is compatible with everything our customers already know​
  • BricsCAD® offers full API support for AutoCAD® developers​
  • BricsCAD® delivers modern usability, flexibility & performance​
  • Bricsys is a founding member of the Open Design Alliance

BricsCAD® Offers A Familiar 2D & 3D CAD Interface​

  • BricsCAD® offers a fresh approach with a familiar user interface​
  • There’s no need for long training sessions…​
  • You already know how to use BricsCAD®!

BricsCAD® Lite Is ​Best For 2D Drafting​​

BricsCAD® Lite is the fastest path to accurate 2D build & manufacturing documentation. ​
Design at a higher level of detail, faster and more accurately, with the help of Machine Learning / AI.

What Is BricsCAD Lite?​

The Evolution Of DWG​

BricsCAD Lite is the affordablecompatibleflexible, and modern CAD platform for everyone who creates and edits 2D drawings.

  • Part of the BricsCAD familiar and compatible DWG-based platform​
  • Cost-effective with flexible license options​
  • Customisable via LISP technology​
  • High level of advanced capability for greater productivity​
  • Fast evolving solution, incorporating the power of A.I​

Bricsys has been developing BricsCAD since 2002. For the last two decades, our singular focus has been building cost-effective, mission-critical CAD tools.​

As part of the global technology giant Hexagon AB, we are committed to taking your design workflows to the next level.

BricsCAD® Pro Is The Best For 3D Modeling​​​

Powerful Direct Modeling tools in BricsCAD® Pro treats native and imported geometry the same.

The result is seamless 3D editing of all solids, regardless of their source.

BricsCAD® Mechanical Is The Best For MCAD

Create assemblies of parts to organize your complex 3D models. Using powerful 3D constraints, you can compose assemblies as top-down or bottom-up designs.

BricsCAD® BIM Is ​The Best For Building Information Modeling​

BricsCAD® BIM begins with conceptual modeling in 3D solids. Classify BIM elements automatically and increase Level of Development consistently, with help from machine learning (“A.I.”) algorithms. Create associative detail drawings at any point in the design cycle.

BricsCAD® BIM Offers A Complete BIM Workflow

Conceptual Design Tools

A.I. Design Assistance

Materials & Compositions

Structural Modeling Tools

HVAC Modeling Tools

Documentation Workflows

IFC Interoperability

Project Collaboration Tools

Bricsys® 24/7​Common Data Environment​

Document management and workflow automation, combined with essential collaboration tools and cloud storage for your design projects.​

Constant Innovation​

Our development velocity brings you a value proposition that cannot be matched in the CAD software industry. ​

With class-leading performance, tools you already know, and the power of machine learning, BricsCAD® delivers everything you need for less cost than you might imagine.

Innovation: AI And Machine Learning​

Parametric Blocks*​

Move Guided​


*AI in BricsCAD Lite! ​
2D Parametric Block, Move Guided, Optimize



Bimify / Automatch

Quick Building

Innovation: Deep Integration With Technology Partners​

Innovation: Virtual Reality ‘VR’​

Innovation: Multi-User ​

BricsCAD Is…​Fast

BricsCAD Was Developed From The Ground Up And Has A Modern Core That Is Continuously Refined To Take Advantage Of Latest Technologies​

  • BricsCAD offers superior performance​
  • BricsCAD uses multi-threading where possible​
  • Installation package is just 350MB​
  • Superior Memory Utilisation​
  • Superior Graphics and Visualisation performance


  • CATIA V5: Dassault Systems
  • IAM, IPT: Autodesk Inventor
  • PARASOLID: Siemens PLM Systems
  • PAR, PSM: Solid Edge
  • PRT: NX
  • SLDASM,SLDPRT: Solidworks
  • JT: Siemens
  • STE, STP, STEP: Standard for Exchange of Product Data
  • IGS, IGES: Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
  • CATIA V4: Dassault Systems
  • VDA-FS
  • Creo Elements/Pro Engineer


  • STE, STP, STEP: Standard for Exchange of Product Data
  • IGS, IGES: Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
  • CATIA V4: Dassault Systems
  • VDA-FS
  • CATIA V5: Dassault Systems
  • 3D PDF: Adobe