Hazop Engineering Services

Neon infotech have a strong and experienced pool of experts within technical safety. Our team experts have extensive experience with HAZOP both part in designing plant processes either as an independent risk analysis or a preliminary study and modification. We also include procedural HAZOPs.

Safety Engineering services (will be provided by a specialist company/consultant with whom Neon has an exclusive agreement) would cover the following:

  1. Conduct HAZID, HAZOP Workshops
  2. Conduct SIL Allocation and Verification studies
  3. Performs FERA (Fire, Explosion Risk Analysis)
  4. EERA (Escape, Evacuation Risk Analysis)
  5. QRA (Quantitative Risk Analysis)
  6. CFD Analysis for Blast Overpressure Determination
  7. ALARP Studies
  8. Bow-Tie Analysis
  9. ESSA (Essential System Survivability Studies)
  10. Establish Safety Performance Standards
  11. Safety Case Preparation