Operations and maintenance personnel often struggle to manage large volumes of unstructured, unintelligent information – such as data sheets, drawings and other documents – which are often duplicated in various folders and databases throughout an organization. Many industrial sites across the world also still rely on paper, spreadsheets, word processor documents and other scattered data collection methods to manage safety-critical human business processes and procedures like shift handover. To address these cha0llenges, j5 Hexagon solutions are used across industries to help reduce operational risk, digitize operations and meet compliance.

j5 Shift Handover
Achieve consistent, safe and fully-Informed shift handovers, improve communication and reduce the risk of hazardous incidents.

j5 Operations Logbook
Record, track and manage events within industrial operations departments consistently and efficiently, on both web browsers and mobile devices.

j5 Work Instructions
Manage the continuous stream of work instructions and complete any task productively and effectively.

j5 Standing Orders
Communicate, distribute and track instructions on a digital platform, with an audit trail of who has received and acknowledged them.

j5 Industra Form Templates
Consolidate paper and electronic forms into a single digital platform with spreadsheet-like configurability and enterprise scalability.

j5 Event Manager
React to events highlighted by other industrial software effectively and ensure that all high-risk events and trends are documented thoroughly.

j5 Control of Work
j5 Control of Work provides an effective and consistent web browser interface for the management of permits. All steps are audited, and the application is easily configured in a spreadsheet-like designer. With j5 Mobility, control of work procedures can continue in the field.

j5 Incident Management
j5 Incident Management delivers the controlled, consistent management of incidents and near misses across all departments in a configurable, easy-to-use web browser interface, adding reliability to the process.

j5 Management of Change
j5 Management of Change provides an intuitive way to record and manage MOC procedures. It gives stakeholders the ability to create MOC records, controls the processes around them and effectively records the changes with complete visibility at every step.

How J5 Shift Handover Provided The Solution 

To remedy these pains, companies across the world utilize j5 Shift Handover, which is used by many large multinational organizations to improve shift-to-shift communication and to reduce the risk of any potential hazardous incidents. The j5 solution also meets the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Shift Handover recommendations.

j5 Shift Handover users have reported the following benefits:

• Easy to use
• Consistent shift handover
• Reduces human error
• Wide visibility of shift data
• Eliminates paper, spreadsheets and scattered databases
• Advanced workflow capabilities
• Fast search and filtering
• Integration with other industrial systems
• Integration with other j5 Applications

Ten Reasons To Transform Your Human Procedures With J5 Operations Management Solutions

1. Improved Health and Safety Processes
The formalized, efficient, repeatable and auditable HSE processes within j5 Operations Management Solutions reduce the risk associated with Shift Handover and other hazardous processes. j5 Operations Management Solutions gather relevant shift end information and enable safety checklists to be completed by operators before handing over shifts.  

2. Fewer Human Errors
Improved communication means fewer human errors. This leads to improved production, less maintenance, reduced losses and fewer customer complaints. j5 applications – such as j5 Operator Rounds – can guide personnel through their daily tasks, ensuring that nothing critical is missed in the day-to-day operation of an industrial plant. This is a flexible yet consistent process when using j5 IndustraForm® Templates, which are developed in a patented spreadsheet-like environment.  

3. Enterprise-wide Visibility
j5 Operations Management Solutions improve coordination because j5 Operations Logbook entries are immediately available to authorized users, whether onsite or offsite. Users can view current and historic logs using off-the-shelf query tools, drill-down capabilities and filters. j5 Operations Management Solutions enable an enterprise approach because managers and operations teams are always aware of critical plant activity through notifications and j5 Dashboards, Reports and Views.  

4. Increased Efficiency
j5 Operations Management Solutions standardize processes across the plant and data entry can be automated where possible. j5 Operations Logbook data is easy to retrieve from any web browser – globally – without any additional software. Logs can be color-coded for easy identification, and searching and finding critical data is simple. j5 Operations Management Solutions also guarantee critical fields are completed, checks spelling, eliminates double data-entry and performs automatic calculations, enhancing accuracy .

5. Connection with Other Plant Software
j5 Operations Management Solutions can read and write data automatically from software such as the DCS, SCADA, the CMMS, Data Historians and LIMS. This provides operators with a single user interface for maintenance information, real-time data and many other useful information sources. j5 connectors are available with the OSIsoft® PI System®, AVEVA® Historian, Aspen InfoPlus.21® (IP.21), SAP® PM, SAP HR, IBM Maximo® and other industrial software.  

6. Raised Employee Accountability
j5 Operations Management Solutions record the date and time when each user makes a log entry or revision. They also allow for digital signatures at shift handover and other role-based procedures as required. j5 Operations Management Solutions have unlimited scope for adding users with varying rights. These can be configured to restrict viewing, log entry / modification, area access, applications and more. The measurement and monitoring of human process KPIs is also possible.  

7. Excellent Flexibility
j5 Operations Management Solutions facilitate the development of new applications and the adaptation of existing j5 applications to the changing needs of an organization. Custom fields, categories, attachments (documents, files, images, notes etc.), data sources, role-based workflows and reports can be added with ease. The j5 IndustraForm Templates capability to transform troublesome paper, forms and spreadsheets into enterprise-level applications brings the flexibility of the platform to another level. 

8. Detailed Reporting
j5 Operations Management Solutions deliver standard dashboards, reports and views and the ability to customize reports for different stakeholders. There is also an ability to create schedules and distribution lists. Multiple logbooks and sites can be consolidated and categorization and analysis is facilitated. Offering a high quality and rich view of operations information that can be exported to analysis tools like spreadsheets.  

9. Continuous Application Development
Evolving and developing in-house operations management software can be very difficult. In the modern IT world, keeping up with the latest technology is getting more and more challenging with the increased speed of innovation. j5 Operations Management Solutions are continually developed by specialists who have been enhancing this digital platform for many years .

10. Internationally Tried and Tested
j5 Operations Management Solutions is a suite of world-class Shift Handover, Operations, Process Safety, Compliance and Mobile software which is used by multinational companies such as AGL Energy, Calpine, Infineum, INPEX, JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy, Saudi Aramco, Thames Water and many more. j5 Operations Management Solutions is used by over 85% of the Downstream and 100% of the Upstream Oil and Gas assets in Japan. As a result, the solution has been developed in industries with a strong continuous improvement (Kaizen) philosophy.