Aspen Basic Engineering™

Improve productivity, agility and time-to-value by integrating your process data and Front End Engineering Data (FEED) in a centralized location.

Accelerate the Digital Journey with a Single Source of Truth for Engineering Data

Improve Productivity​

Deliver basic engineering packages faster and with fewer resources. This comprehnsive solution allows customers to increase agility compress project schedules and integrate global design teams.

Faster Design Cycles

Achieve huge competitive by delivering process data packages for licensed technologies faster. Capture process technologies and best practice designs in reusable templates, then apply them for significant time saving in future projects.

Share Accurate And Consistent Data

Data are entered once, that maintained in a single, up-to-date-central repository team members in all location share.

Aspen Capital Cost Estimator™

Accelerate project execution, make better decisions early and increase predictability of your capital cost estimates using a consistent costing model from conceptual to detailed engineering.  

Improve Quality, Accuracy and Speed of Estimates

Estimation Earlier In Desing

Use a consistant model accross the project lifecycle bone and improve the quality of the estimates as more information become available.

Every New Estimate Is Better Than Past Estimates

Corporate knowledge resue, fit for purpose visualization and benchmarking capabilities ensure informed strategic decision-making and faster project turnaround.

Transform Work Processes To Drive Collaboration And Efficiency

Leverage reusable templates and configurable reports to descrease estimation time and increase transperency. Connect data accross the enterprise and provide users with actionable information that fasters collaboration.

Aspen HYSYS®

Maximize safety, throughput and profits by optimizing the entire site in one environment using industry-validated simulation and time-saving workflows. 

The Industry’s #1 Process Simulation Software

Comprehensive For The Energy Industry

Optimize upstream, midstream and refining processes in one environment. Integrate models from gathering networks to processing facilities. Sustain refinery profits with faster updates to planning models.

Intuitive, Time-Saving Workflows

Employ seamless, integrated tools for equipment design, costing, energy management, safety analysis and sustainable operations, enhancing a process engineer’s workflow.

Powerful Optimization With AI

Create more accurate, AI-powered models by enabling tighter collaboration across functions and optimizing increasingly complex assets to achieve multiple objectives simultaneously.

Most Trusted Process Simulator

Rely on the industry’s preferred process simulator, trusted for nearly 40 years and make informed decisions from design through operations. Experience the latest innovations in process simulation.

Aspen Energy Analyzer

Maximize energy efficiency and reduce emissions using insights and energy-saving suggestions provided by pinch technology.  

Smart Integrated Energy Management Solutions

Save Energy

Identify targets to achieve maximum energy recovery. Use embedded technology in Aspen HYSYS® and Aspen Plus® to analyze energy savings across the process.

Find The Best Revamps

Obtain design alternatives to improve the performance of new and existing heat exchanger networks.

Reduce Emissions

Identify opportunities to improve sustainability and reduce carbon footprint.

Aspen Enterprise Insights™

Translate real-time data into faster, smarter, profitable business decisions to visualize deviations automatically and identify risks early. 

Enterprise Visibility, Collaboration and Workflow Automation

Enterprise Visibility, Collaboration And Workflow Automation

Integrate people, data and workflows into a highly automated digital business process through a seamless flow of work and information.

Gain Actionable Insights

Aggregate data from different data sets across the enterprise into analytics and visualizations to guide better decisions at every business level.

Transform Work Processes

Take your teams away from MS Office / Excel processes and into automated solutions, ensuring work is assigned and processed effectively across the organization to execute plans and respond to decisions quickly.

Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating

Optimize CAPEX and OPEX by rigorously modeling heat exchangers within the larger process with rigorous HX models and seamless data flow across disciplines.

Comprehensive Set of Rigorous HX Models

Activated Exchanger Design And Rating

Fully incorporate heat exchanger designs within Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus to produce the most optimal designs at the right economics.

Up-To-Date Documentation

Access the full heat exchanger research library from HTFS. Comply with the latest ASME standards: BPV Section VIII Division 1 & 2, 2017 edition.

All Major HX Types

Design all major heat exchanger types, including shell and tube, fired heater, plate, plate-fin, coil-wound, air-cooled and more. Improve mechanical shell-and-tube exchanger design quality.

Vast Physical Property Database

Rely on a database with 37,000 components, 127 property packages and 5M+ data points and interaction parameters. Employ state-of-the-art activity coefficient models and equations of state.

Aspen Multi-Case™

Achieve a superior design by rapidly analyzing many process simulation cases in parallel – leveraging high performance computing, machine learning, data analysis and visualization tools.

Enterprise Visibility, Collaboration and Workflow Automation

Streamlined Workflow To Rapidly Analyze Multiple Operating Cases

Achieve better design outcomes by quickly evaluating alternate design configurations for thousands of operating conditions, leveraging high performance computing and AI to run more cases in the same amount of time.

Advanced Multi-File Visualization

Display results from multiple files or simulations intuitively, navigating through the results of hundreds of operating cases using smart analysis, including operating window and tabular analysis and advanced graphics to understand results quickly and easily.

Shareable Project Files

Accelerate collaboration and speed execution among project stakeholders across owner-operator and EPCs through integrated multi-scenario project files with pre-defined analysis, resulting in seamless reuse of models and multi-case analyses.

Data Set Generation For Reduced Order Hybrid Models

Create fast and reliable online digital twin models through reduced order hybrid modeling technology, leveraging the industry’s first AI Model Builder.

Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout™

Start your digital facility and select the optimal solution to meet your business, safety, engineering and construction needs.

Engineer the Future

Visualize, Analyze And Optimize

Rapidly visualize the asset, analyze and engineer multiple options and select the optimal design.

Leverage Your Knowledge

Import and configure corporate domain knowledge and run automation functions using either corporate or public standards.


Use data, tools and knowledge from previous projects to jumpstart new projects without having to begin again from scratch.

Aspen OptiRouter™

Efficiently design hundreds of pipes in minutes with the leading 3D autorouter from Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout™.

Engineer the Future

Hexagon Smart®3D

Read Hexagon Smart3D equipment and structures, recognize them intelligently and autoroute to nozzles.

Know The Impact Of Every Change

Easily review changes to determine the impact and cost of each change.

Accelerate The Design

Rapidly develop 3D piping designs for planning, estimating and decision making for Brownfield and Greenfield projects.

Aspen Plus®

Respond to global economic challenges, dynamic market conditions and competitive pressures by improving performance, quality and time-to-market with the best-in-class simulation software for chemicals, polymers and life sciences.

The Leading Process Simulation Software in the Chemical Industry


Market-leading process simulator built on nearly 40 years of experience, feedback from top chemical companies and award-winning physical properties database.


Integrated process modeling, cost estimation, equipment design, energy management and safety analysis to improve time-to-market, process efficiency and sustainability performance.


Built-in capabilities for rigorous modeling of a wide range of chemical processes including polymers, electrolytes and solids, for both batch and continuous operations.


Lifecycle modeling from design through operations, enhanced with embedded AI modeling capabilities for improved process development, accurate troubleshooting and online digital twins.

Aspen Utilities

Manage and optimize energy use and sourcing to ensure all operations receive reliable supplies while minimizing cost and emissions.

Improve Utilities Planning and Site-wide Energy Decisions

Investment Analysis

Evaluate CAPEX and OPEX trade-off in utility plant expansion and optimize utility vendor selection.

Utility Production Plans

Leverage production plans and schedules to forecast utilities demand and develop optimal plans for utilities purchase and generation.

Utility Monitoring & Optimization

Monitor utility equipment degradation using real-time plant data to optimize operations and enable actionable guidance.

Sustainable Asset Lifecycle

Minimize emissions by optimizing utility equipment performance and selecting low-carbon energy sources.