Process Engineering Services

Process Engineering’s influence is felt across Neon Infotech businesses, from design and operations to research, supply and distribution, and technical safety. A job as part of this highly experienced team will introduce you to a wealth of daily challenges that may include contributing to long-term project development, optimising chemical processes, or providing technical support to oil and gas production facilities, refineries and chemical plants – both onshore and offshore.

The following Process Engineering Services are provided:

  1. Preparation of P & IDs, Equipment Process Datasheet by using Intelligent P & ID software (Smart Plant P & ID).
  2. Design of Plant Hydraulics & Pumping System.
  3. Process Design of Columns, Exchanger, Separators, KO Drums etc.
  4. Design of Fired Heaters & Waste Heat Boilers.
  5. Safety Valve & Flare Network Studies.
  6. HAZOP & Safety Studies, Commissioning & Plant Troubleshooting.
  7. Utility System Packages

Past Projects

AutoCAD To Intelligent PID Conversion Software For EPC Company

Location: Bangkok – Thailand

Completed a conversion of many AutoCAD drawings into intelligent P&ID software. Border template customizations, report template customizations, and catalog symbol customizations. Also, prepared equipment, line, valve & instrument list reports.

Customer has done standardization of Catalog Symbols to quickly get Equipment, Line, Valve & Instrument List Reports, resulting in saving a lot of time on collecting information during the maintenance.

Flare Radiation Study For Refinery Plant

Location: Chennai – India

Created two independent flare sizing (High Pressure and Low Pressure) based on radiation criteria. Resulting in 12 scenarios comprised of 6 high pressure flare and 6 low pressure flare. Taking into consideration the process details, emergency scenarios, and environmental conditions we prepared the radiation isopleths diagrams and flare radiation reports.

After doing the flare study, our customer found that the three-phase separator is not needed for the flare gas recovery unit due to the absence of water which helps to save cost on a three-phase separator.