ETAP offers an integrated Electrical Digital Twin platform enriched with intelligent solutions. ETAP Electrical Digital Twin is built on a multi-dimensional foundation, enabling efficient design, analysis, management, operations, and a complete digital transformation of projects while adapting to evolving system changes.

ETAP Solutions Include

  • Model Driven Power Management Solution
  • Power & Energy Management System
  • Intelligent Load Shedding System
  • Intelligent Substation Automation System
  • Distribution Management (ADMS) & Smart Grid Application
  • Generation Management System
  • Micro Grid Solution
  • Transportation (Railways & Airports)
  • Data Center Solutions Features and Benefits
  • Accurate analysis with actual operating values
  • Improve system planning & design
  • Recognize & correct potential hidden problems
  • Prevent system interruption
  • Determine under-utilization of system resources
  • Identify the cause of operation problems
  • Accelerate engineer & operator training
  • Virtual test of operator / controller actions
  • Validate system settings

ETAP Real-Time is an intelligent PC-based energy management software application that runs as an operator workstation to monitor, control, and optimize the operation of your power system, while simultaneously serving as an engineering workstation capable of utilizing real-time data to perform full spectrum power system analyses.

  • ETAP Real-Time provides new techniques and cutting-edge technology to allow electrical power users and producers to be competitive. In light of the recent power crisis and rising electricity costs, it’s imperative for a power management system software to put operators, engineers, and managers in control of operation, maintenance, and planning of the electrical power system resulting in optimum system utilization, lower costs, and financial stability. ETAP Real-Time provides immediate and sustainable return on investment.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced monitoring, simulation, & control
  • Predict system response to operator actions
  • Fast, optimal, & intelligent load shedding & restoration
  • System optimization & automation
  • Demand-Side Management
  • Intelligent one-line diagrams
  • Multi-dimensional database
  • Time domain event playback with simulation capability
  • Integrated alarm, warning, & acknowledgement
  • Client-server configuration
  • Built-in redundancy & automatic fail over

ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System)

ETAP ADMS is a combined planning and operation solution to manage, control, visualize, and optimize electrical power distribution network comprising of:

  • Geospatial Information System (GIS)
  • Electrical Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (eSCADA)
  • Distribution Management System (DMS)
  • Distribution Network Application (DNA)
  • Outage Management System (OMS)
  • Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Scalable and Modular solution to manage, control, visualize, optimize, and automate utility distribution networks from large cities to rural cooperatives.
  • Integrated network model for planning, protection, reliability and operations.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface used by Distribution Network Operators, (DNOs), Dispatchers, Planning Engineers, Reliability Analysts and Managers.
  • Advanced Analytics including Distribution State Estimation, Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO), Conservative Voltage Reduction (CVR), Fault Location, Isolation & Service Restoration (FLISR), Outage Prediction, Load Forecasting, Unified AC & DC Power Flow, Distributed Generation Modeling, Protection, Load Shedding and more.
  • Situational Intelligence provides efficient and reliable grid analysis and management during rapidly changing network state.
  • Standardization with majority of industry applications and easy integration with legacy and third-party software.

ILS (Intelligent Load Shedding)

ETAP Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS) provides optimal, fast load shedding for electrical disturbances and loss of generation. ILS calculates the minimum required MW to be shed for each subsystem according to the type and location of the disturbance, actual operating generation, spin reserve, loading, configuration, load distribution, and priority. ILS then selects the best combination of loads (CBs) that will satisfy this requirement. All of this is executed in less than a few milliseconds after a disturbance occurs in the system for transient events or after user-defined time delay for steady-state overload conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminate unnecessary load shedding
  • Reduction of downtime for critical loads
  • Reduction of spinning reserve requirements
  • Reliable load preservation system
  • Fast response to disturbances
  • Operator alerts for marginal operating conditions
  • Display required minimum MW & selected loads
  • Trigger & time dependent load shedding
  • User-definable control logics & macros
  • User-definable system triggers
  • Operator-friendly interface
  • Display operating & recommended spin reserve
  • VFD load reduction control
  • System islanding logic
  • Display monitored data on the one-line diagram
  • Predict system response after load shed
  • Log & view load shedding actions & recommendations
  • Unlimited load shedding schedules
  • User-defined load priority & groups
  • Option to simulate & test ILS recommendations

ETAP Digital Twin is a unified engineering and real time platform used to model, design, visualize, analyze, predict, control and provide insight on management and performance of electrical power systems.

Harnessing the power of ETAP Digital Twin throughout the digital transformation process helps engineers, operators, and managers increase their awareness and understanding of systems, in a cost-effective and repeatable environment by offering:

Return On Investment

Short-Term Savings

ETAP saves energy costs due to the overall system optimization and power loss reductions. Depending on the size of the facility, the expected average savings can be thousands of dollars per MVA of load per year. Savings can be considerably higher for systems that have abnormal losses, circulation power, or energy cost penalties. The informed decision-making is achieved through:

  • Prevention of human errors by predicting the system behavior based on the operator actions or disturbances
  • Increased system knowledge by utilizing up-to-date status of the system operating conditions
  • Short-term savings are also achieved by operators and engineers gaining experience with the power system operation and reaction.

Long-Term Savings

ETAP can provide a major reduction in the equipment capitalization cost by increasing equipment lifetime. Ongoing savings are achieved by continuously operating at a near-to-optimal condition and preventing possible system overload situations. Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS) will save you money by dynamically minimizing required load shedding, hence reducing system downtime. ETAP ILS load preservation system translates to savings of millions of dollars in lost revenues, equipment repairs, and penalties.